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captainseagloof – liar (feat. charles) lyrics


(verse 1) {seagloof}
we walked and talked
almost every single day
but all of a sudden
you started to drift away
anxiety is at its highest
and now i overthink
about everything that happened
when you began to fade away
all my pain
girl i loved you
but you broke me down
want to scream
but there is no sound
will i be found?
or will i be lost like a dog
in a f+cking pound
yea aye

(verse 2) {charles}
when i’m alone
i grab my phone
and pick it up
to text you
but now my heart is broken
i don’t got the b+lls to face you
and i cannot erase you
’cause you got lots of issues
we’re splitting up right now
and it’s official
wishing that you regret everything
from cheating on a daily basis
to popping tags and visiting all sorts of places
i chased you
i got you
you cheated
you lied to me
and that sh+t hurt like it was treason
what was your reason?
people come and go like every season
am i misleading?
is it the fact that i just got a different type of reasoning?
or maybe i am just the one that falls for every check then
just what the f+ck is love if i ain’t know the meaning

just what is love?
is it a hug?
or is it anyone that helps you through the toughest stuff?
or maybe i can sometimes go through all this sh+t that’s rough
baby i love you
but in the end i know that it’s a painful bluff

(verse 3) {seagloof}
oh yea yea

staying up late thinking
about all the sh+t you put me through
lying, you’re the best at it
and that’s all you ever do
saying that you cared
but you were lying about the truth
yea i still keep coming back
and it hurts me to say i care
when i can’t even give my trust to you
feeling so frozen
cause my heart is feeling broken
this is how i’m coping
but i lack all of my emotion
and my heart is feeling open
lacking my devotion
do you get the notion?

we texted every night
and i swear i loved it
but now i realize
i took that sh+t for granted
walked out my life
leaving me in panic
looking every hour at
how long it lasted aye
i don’t wanna end this
let’s try and make this work
i’ve tried multiple times
but it keeps getting worse
every time you lie
trust me that it hurts
please let’s try and talk
let’s try and make this work

oh yea yea
how you gonna lie like that?
(lie like that?)
oh yea yea
how you gonna lie like that?
(lie like that?)
how you gonna lie like that?
how you gonna lie like that?
how you gonna lie like that?