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construct of lethe – obsidian godhead lyrics


fill your stinking pits with slaves and cowards!
the gutted corpses of thy disgraced++
spare them flames so they may rot!

and stir your ranks to march
their coins for charon offer respite to the philistines
those who have vowed to claim the mark of kenite
and reap! reap the flogging owed to those steeped in their sins

shedu have writhed in disgrace
moloch king, besmeared with blood, slaying the martyrs
infernal voices tell one thousand tales of the cursed, defiled chalice
a judgment of their doom, exalting their violent nature

faced in the hour of need
where does your feeble faith turn?
pray to the spiteful god above, or infernal h+ll
through treacherous whimsy, through venal mechanics…
an inevitability
of all things to be steeped in rotten earth

the soul awakens to the desires of thy king’s overlord
to dig in maleboge
the scourge that fathers the creation of saints
the torn+husk souls rended by cerberus
the wrenching cries of the nephilim
shouting the son of man’s blasphemies
swallowed into the swirling eye from which lightning finds birth
i seed a great womb of storms
cyclones derived from the spiraling h+rns of the goat
i despoil and grind thy shrines asunder
icons drown beneath malicious waves



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