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djar one – the get down lyrics


[verse 1: andy cooper]
hey, i heard you wanna go clubbin’ tonight
well, c’mon my favorite place’ll be comin’ to life
it’s been around many years and it’s always the bomb
’cause all the people go for the love of the songs
they play funky stuff and the cl-ssic soul
mixed with hop-hop and some good disco
a little bit of boogie and brazilian vibe
and anything in between ’til the scene’s alive
and ain’t nobody acting up and startin’ some fights
and you can get into the party at a sensible pricin’
and they’ll be smiling a the door even security’s nice and
that’s why all the people keep on goin’ out to the night
so have a blast, pump funk to the max
spun from the wax, come rediscover the past
they’re gonna play a new groove every few minutes
and if it ain’t great then they just don’t spin it

at the get down, c’mon!
having a time at the get down, c’mon!
i wanna see you at the get down, c’mon!
having fun at the get down, c’mon!
you got to get down, c’mon!

[verse 2: andy cooper]
hey dj, step to the decks and spread electricity
flex with a set, inject the best energy
scratch and mix and dispatch the hits
brother crack the whip like a masochist
now, every single town is bound to have a couple of cats
who only live for buyin’ vinyl and they dug in the stacks
so now you know they got the goodies and the come with a batch
and when they play em they’ll be lovin’ how the public reacts
now, the dancefloor grooves to the sound of a break
and my man, he’s been moving for two hours straight
and the girl with the hair like irena cara
knows all the steps from every fly era
so, play cymande and bobby byrd
ernie k-doe, watts 103rd
it’s not obsolete it’s the spot to be
and if you really wanna rock then we got to meet

at the get down, c’mon!
having a ball at the get down, c’mon!
you know they do it at the get down, c’mon!
dj, get down, c’mon!

[verse 3: andy cooper]
now, there’s get downs all across the globe
but i wanna give a shout to the folks i know
like format and seb krimi
suspect, einstein and shawny lee
gu rackabeat and the moneyshot
tony landsdowne got the monkeybox
mr. craig charles sends air waves
while adrian gibson holds the stage
and when you’re in berlin you gotta see truebeatz
or you can go and meet matt bolton move on up in leeds
in dusseldorf with henry storch you know he’s always unique
while rod and dennis do it on the goodfoot in long beach
breakdafunk serve it up to the poles
and miles and miles tacket funky sole
with love for the cat on the beat djar one
and anybody out there gettin’ it done

at the get down, c’mon!
dot dfk is on the get down, c’mon!
vaseline on the get down, c’mon!

you know we get down, c’mon!

keep it alive, keep it alive
we gotta keep it alive, keep it alive