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gremlinraps – meant for more lyrics


you’re a hopeless romantic
the ones you have been with don’t understand it
cause you get closer and they close up and panic
an you become stupid and soulless and frantic
trying to put back all the pieces
he didn’t have any reasons
now you’re just trying to get back on the defense
but you give your love to any man who acts like he need it
i know what he says
he says that he have your back but all he does is h-t it from the back
and you start tripping cause he’s living like that
but he only hits it cause you give it like that
you really need to think what you want in a man
cause you don’t even know
i do not understand
do you really think you’ll be part of his plan?
when women like you are not in demand

sorry to be blunt baby work on yourself
or in the long run you’re just hurting yourself
you go on hot dates and they certainly fail
i know those heartbreaks ain’t serving you well
you need to start now before you run out of luck
do you want love or do you just wanna f-ck?
if you just wanna f-ck
then when you decide to get some loving
you don’t be surprised if no one wants to f-ck with you

real sh-t!

you need to work on yourself first
and the right person will come after that
but if you’re f-cked up mentally and not ready
then you’re going to attract someone who is f-cked up and mentally not ready
so in case you haven’t noticed yet
it starts with you

tell me why you feel so low
tell me why you got it but you still don’t know
tell me why you with him when you and him don’t grow
he don’t even give nomo
you don’t trust him and he don’t trust you right back
cause it’s not true like that

you already know he’s a dog and cheats
but you take him back and it all repeats
he took it to far you just got to leave
i know it’s hard you don’t want to grieve
but i know that your man for more than a second
girl what the h-ll have you settled for
let the dog off his leash

there’s only so much that a song can teach
so i really hope that you see it through
you don’t even see what i see in you
girl you don’t need no man all you need is you
all you need is you
everything that i speak is true
i hope that you believe it too
cause i promise you that you don’t need to be his boo
all you need to be is you

i feel it in my bones you’ll get up in no time
sitting on a throne and not stuck in yo mind
he mad you feel worthless
barely saw the surface
little do he know that he struck a gold mine

oh my