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jimmy krucifix – 2/21/12 lyrics


[verse 1: jimmy krucifix]
(yo) bells ringing, are you thinking what i’m thinking
we should dip out, roll on n-ggas with clips out, uh
maybe have our lips out, make a b-tch pout
never f-cking sober, drink til we fall out
we all loud, gotta make noise, the city’s ours now
god d-mn, we the f-cking meaning of sick bars now
cough cough then sneeze, f-ggots nod off and freeze
i lock, c-ck, then squeeze, and i did the sh-t with ease
i’m the coldest, icy, enemies will all bleed
i need, an alibi, to establish why i do or die
it’s like suicide, the way i walk up and refuse to hide
i’m the realest, you deny, this is why my momma cry
made my conscious blind, changing like obamacide
naw naw not me, i stay the same like i never die
betty bye, hope you f-ggots had the nerve to look in eyes
wonder why, i’m the sh-t that have they toilets fortified
living sober with my life, the sh-t sucks
so when you see us drunk as f-ck, shut the f-ck up

[dialogue: khalil semien (jimmy krucifix)]
(jimmy’s back)
i remember when i met this n-gga, this n-gga done changed a lot
(ha doing the same sh-t, missed you guys)

[verse 2: jimmy krucifix]
(yo yo) low fidelity, the quality is felony
hope the hipsters like it, f-ck that culture is the death of me
real hip hop fans, ain’t sh-t but hipster relatives
let it be, i’ll stay poetic, check the melody
if you got problems then f-ck it, listen to jay-z
he got 99, still rich, living pleasantly
i got 100, cuz a b-tch made me add one
yall can keep the money, i’mma f-cking have fun
never mind i need some, for music, drugs, and threesomes
never been too happy, maybe god’s the f-cking reason
can’t blame him, deities is just appeas-m-nt
to numb the pain, of the world that i live with
beatles sample, this is music to raise your kids with
i mean listen, can you believe they don’t love this sh-t
lyrics, dope beats, if i said it you can quote me
been a lowkey rap fiend, since a n-gga was a n0body

okay do it