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oyku toksoz – tears,frozen lyrics


and i don’t wanna turn my heart brutal against one

it got me in once so, it’ll never leave me for
the blind things need to bring to clear side

knees locked down for nothing to all
dressed for party so lonely for anyone

tears,frozen got stuck in mind

and i want to creep to all clear
now the blind eyes go by needle ones
cos’ madness in the mind
started drinkin’ coffee by the time with tea
i don’t know why got a bustle inside between me and my mind
that tide across the sun from cloudy sky
when we crush, face struck i keep to hide, tears frozen in the lines
hollow underneath the eyes mean a lot
i’m not hidin’ away you need to get through exist of mine

mamma always says, get it all the things in the daylight
how to learn to let it happen