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savan depaul – politics of the youth lyrics


ugh…sometimes, i get tired of all this teenage cr-p, but…
i know after 2016, none of it will matter
but it’s during it, that you deal with all this stuff that’s going on with the youth
i mean…there’s a whole…so much stuff you have to worry…
but then, there’s all this stuff about image and…it’s hard to keep up…you want to keep up with the times and shit
but it’s harder than it looks…

[chorus] (2x)
the young have self-destructive tendencies
the kids are doing the work of our enemies

[verse 1]
before derell’s cranium burst in a blaze of glory
he was a horny teen living in the 2nd story
of a crowded apartment down in kensington
the suicidal thoughts were shit he thought he’d never get
moved to my town, picked us as targets
only came home for the reading terminal market
pants hanging ’round his -ss at the local gogo
wantin’ to bone vulnerable chicks in polos
this kid disgusted me and all of my people
derell so desperately needed a church steeple
never turned to god to help lift up his soul
only concerned with c-ke, women, and gold
and as i write my rhyme in this limitless scroll
i thought of him in town- it caused my innards to fold
and then his life fell apart and over the edge
i already explained the story of his death
but that’s the politics…

[chorus] (4x)

[verse 2]
i once knew a young white lady acting hardy
reppin’ the ghetto youth and joining the army
however, the competitive spirit in her was hampered
by her love habits and vehement anger
swigging on a big drink of {​​——–}​​
slept with a wannabe kingpin who evaded a big sting
only to nearly overdose on loads of c-ke
no- wait… it was {​​—}​​ that caused the bro to choke
this female lied to cover his -ss the hardest
despite being a respectable suburban starlet
‘cuz she dabbled in devilish substances
punch and spliffs for her sustenance
now her rap career’s flopping extremely
thinkin’ that the indie industry would be easy
now, to weave thru, she calls up her mates
and drinks crisp {​​——-}​​ all of the day
but that’s the politics…

[chorus] (4x)

[verse 3]
teenage children, if they’re willing and able
put the issues important to them on the table
looking in the mirror, shattering their reflection
with the consumption of bud and alcohol ingestion
discussion of the opposite sex abounds
testosterone-fused boys bringing tecs around
i can’t preach, cause change is impossible
it’ll take angels to p-ss this obstacle
we have adolescent ignoramuses
that couldn’t think of shit if they had brains in their -n-ses
not a single one willing to battle
not bringing beef unless they’re shipping the cattle
my peers have fallen into the abyss of nothing
dramatic- acting like they’re clips or something
self-destructive thoughts are peelin’ our crew
our own colleagues are slowly k!llin’ the youth
but that’s the politics, bomboclat…

[chorus] (8x)