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tony d (battle rapper) – roman 7:15 only human (spoken word version) lyrics


[verse: tony d]
in ‘06, tone kicked in the year
in god’s house, with melody, both stinking of beer
look, this is my life’s contradiction
there’s the way i wanna live, and then there’s the way i’m really living
so many of my ways are conflicting
i believe in god, but i got no faith in religion
or my place in the system that embraces division
see i love my life, but i hate this existence
‘cah it’s hard to even live at all
and it seem everybody value profit over principle
it’s a funny ting, we all slaves to a wage
just ‘cause we love the freedom that money bring
and we still tryna figure out
how do you save for rainy days when it’s always p+ssing down?
so i stay extracting truth out the lies
‘cause the believer is happy, but the doubter is wise
now, how do i live the right life?
champion my black half, and not alienate my white side
it seems strange, but it’s a matter of fact
some people need me to perform some sort of balancing act
see some people think ya’ colour’s something serious
but you and i, ain’t nothing but the sum of our experience
so i don’t really care how you see me
i feel like yeah, you can talk when you’re qualified to be me
other times, it creep up and it’s hard
to try and stop my ego from keeping up the facade
and then, that’s tony d to the nth
and when i rhyme, he gets stronger with each little breath
each verse, each chorus and each little step
will it cease at my rest when i’m sleeping at death?
is there a little meaning to get?
born free, but i don’t really know what freedom is yet
see there’s times i got jokes like malcolm in the middle
other times i’m more militant, like malcolm at the window
there’s times that i do right, times that i do wrong
from being on top of the world, to my life is a blues song
i ain’t never seen two days the same
so i might go with the flow, might go against the grain
i mean i try to treat people how i’d like to be treated
other times i feel me being conceited is needed
i mean i treated certain girls like the biggest skets
but i got nine sisters, that i’d let no man disrespect
now this is just me, from the ugly, to the lovely
and on that, you can trust me or cuss me
hate me, rate me, love me, l+st me
please, don’t judge me and let me just be
‘cause the only thing the spotlight prove
is under closer inspection i’m a lot like you
see i’m black, i’m white, i’m the darkness, the light
i’m the yin, and the yang, i’m the wrong and the right
i’m the answer, the question, the truth and the lie
i’m in deep, i’m far out, i’m h+llo and goodbye
i’m the saint and i’m sinning again
i’m the first and the last rudeboy, it’s the beginning and end
i’m war, i’m peace, i’m the teacher, the student
i’m the problem, i’m the solution, i’m only human