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jd era – black magic lyrics


[verse 1: jd era]
look n-gga i can murder anything
retro, techno, electro, slow flow, fast flow
hottest in the metro
i spit hurricanes
copy that like an echo
on my flo-rida sh-t tell’in everyone to get low
respect me or die thats the stance that i’m taking
a prince but a story is a legend in the making
cause few n-ggas spit it with the temperature of satan
on my betty crocker sh-t you can say a n-gga caking, waiting
summer opportunity escaping
right through the cracks of a sticky situation
my b-lls reach stars tell these n-ggas who they facing
who the f-ck i gotta battle
four or five mic rating
the upper echelon
top of the totem you looking at the best
tell these magazine to quote em
this next bars for haters you still don’t know em
i dont got enough room
so get the f-ck off my scr-t-m
go for the gusto
built for the hustle
mixtape murderer still don’t gotta adjust though
tryna be a mogul like jay, puff, or russell
the floor has warm machines made for hercules muscle
nervous, you should be
born where the hood be
good be a legend
baby girl i could be
you can be
find the exit once you find your panties
it’s black market atl
who f-cking who with the family, n-gga

[verse 2: drake]
know more, ask less
all verses get dummied like crash tests
i say your favorite rappers subpar at best
these whack n-ggas couldn’t find me with an address
yes, guess who’s back at it
stage an intervention, it’s apparent i’m an addict
balling isn’t my hobby it’s more like a habit
these n-ggas acting like every day is the sabbath
my life move faster then a leopard sprint
round the world got a lot of spots like leopard print
and i’m fresh like peppermint
always claim toronto most of them are scared to represent
cause success we’ve never had it
many came close but never managed to grab it
it must be an omen
the curse so tragic
til they give me a grammy
then poof, black magic