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oh blimey – get down tonight lyrics


[hook – a-1 x2:]
get down tonight
we came to get down tonight
we ‘bout to get down tonight
i’m ‘bout to get down tonight

[verse 1 – oh blimey]
if you heard that hiccup on the beat it ain’t coincidental
poured a shot for myself, refilled it on the instrumental
now we’re both drunk and i don’t give no f-cks
if you in the crowd then roll blunts and smoke one
visually and bad s-x don’t know who you f-ckin’ with
still long hair, don’t care like i’m cuzzin it
make a pessimistic hater b-tch tell me she loves my sh-t
when i come around boyfriends call police and then cuff their chicks
woo! you gotta touch me with oven mitts
i took a shot of the game and d-mn, it’s got me buzzin’ quick
girls want my baby super bad, mclovin kids
but we just f-ckin’ – i can’t put no bun up in yo’ oven, b-tch
unless the insemination is artificial
then you’ve got an issue, but i ain’t gonna argue with you
why not adopt instead of bustin’ out these kids
i mean – why go artificial when nothing ‘bout me is?
it’s just so hard to fake it
so you don’t get nervous when you get up on the stages
look into the crowd and just visualise i’m naked
they you rock hard and they put you on their playlists
san francisco, this is sam’s town
when i come home i demand crowds
i’m something like a heatwave i bring them fans out
and they all got questions, cause they don’t put their hands down

[hook a-1 x2:]

[verse 2 – a-1]
get out of my face, you don’t wanna see me
if you see me on the phone then alone’s how you leave me
make a pile of pepper disappear like houdini
green and white keep shoes, now i look like luigi
boy, boy, i’m off the heezy
d-mn, just off the hinges
at the sushi restaurants, spending guap with my ninjas
ordering sashimi like it’s going out of business
got tuna, i’m hachi, toro, sake, saporo
that’s a sake bomb, if you don’t know
dirty but i’m clean – hockey mom in a p-rno
you know who i be, hercules, kevin sorbo
skinny and i’m lean, but i seem kinda gordo
oh, no, here she comes – fat keg judy
she never knew the meaning of a pancake booty
she say: „i used to have a man, but i’m solo now
and i like my lemonade four loco style”, wow
and i think she’s a keeper
looked at me and said „wow, your drink is a queeper”
and then she winked and i peaked her
and then we freaked to the sound of the speaker

[hook a-1 x2:]

[verse 3 – oh blimey]
okay, that riff on the beat got me feeling like a bad-ss
so i hit boo to stock up, mad stacks
she got a boyfriend, but i don’t give a rat’s -ss
she also got the adkin’s waist with a fat -ss
intelligent mind, but her face clueless
so i tackled her h-lla’ times – i’m ray lewis
i want the money and the fame, there’s no shame to it
attention’s what i’m seeking and your dame, she just came to it
folks in the crowd that ain’t gon show me no love
holes in they hearts like they chests lookin’ donuts
my fans on a thousand votes and that is so clutch
i hope you brought the boats, cause we about to go nuts
feelin’ tipsy – mo’ drinks in this mothaf-cka
goin fixie, no breaks in this mothaf-cka

[hook a-1 x2:]

[verse 4 – a-1 x2]
don’t wait, baby, let’s get starty
go ahead and shake, baby, let’s have party
kick off the shoes and relax the feet
go ahead and drop it down when you catch the beast
and freak, freak, y’all
and freak, freak, y’all
if you a sucker, take a mothaf-ckin’ seat, y’all

[hook – a-1]