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stokely – mindz lyrics


uh huh, yo
ivy you a fool for this one
yo common ave n-gga (what!)

[verse 1: stokely]
thinking of a masterplan
no dapper dan
but i push dope on these tracks
your half a gram never had a chance
i been it , won’t tag hands
unless you talkin bens or grants
and if not you get deuces like genie lamp
potato potatto silence lames when i flow
this herb got my eyes like kano
something like mortal kombo
when me and ivy hit the lab we hit the lotto
cream get the money
dolla dolla bill, you know the motto

(give me ya motherf-cking mind)you know what you know what
(give me ya motherf-cking mind)you know what time it is
(give me ya motherf-cking mind)you know what
(its bout that time when motherf-ckers actually rhyme)
pleasantville coming soon motherf-cker
pleasanville coming real

[verse 2: stokely]
the rappers rapper subject of the chatter
ha im flattered
shatter you frank abernathy actors
you never mattered
slap a snapper in the crowd put your hands to the atmos-
fear what you dont know
you must not know the half of
this rabid poet
ever flowing past the lotus
now im focused putting on for my home, cleveland
never slowing challenges growing but best believe
that im raising that gross and reevaluating whats in store for me
we eating n-gga
ignorant with the flow, please forgive us
my team -ssembled
ready to war with these beginners
we leave them hindered
survival of the fittest
they dont compete they be the dinner
serengetti stalking starving got my eyes these pretenders
flinchers, two shots im a foul spitter
above the limit like officer why you tripping
man every breath that i take
is my soul showing the difference
between me and the rest of these n-ggas
im never slippin no

its common ave n-gga
and coming fast n-gga
(this sh-t is biggie pac and l in a seance now xan ivy gone and bring the f-cking chaos)